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John J. Fiorito

John J. Fiorito

Financial Advisor


Hi, I’m John.

John J. Fiorito is a Financial Advisor who is heading into his 20th year in the financial services industry.  John works closely with those going through major life transitions, develops a plan, and provides ongoing support and resources so they can achieve what is most important to them.  My mission is to help you reach your financial goals through a comprehensive process enhanced by unbiased advice.

Through a goals-driven process, I help people who are going through an overwhelming life transition to gain clarity by helping them to learn more about what is important to them.  I work on understanding how they grew up around money, current financial habits, decision-making process, and their challenges around money.  I then work on shifting their behavior to use money as a tool to achieve all that is most important to them.  A big shift occurs as they take ownership and accountability for the things they can control in life, which allows them to make better financial decisions with clarity rather than their emotions.

The biggest transition is moving out of the workforce or selling your business.  Others come to John if they are inheriting assets, going through a divorce, selling real estate, or obtaining money through winning a lawsuit or lotto.

It all started in the Bronx.  I was born and raised in the North Bronx and lived with my father, mother, and sister.  My father worked in the financial industry his entire career, and my mother was a cashier at a hospital.  In high school my father set me up with an UTMA account.  During that period, I noticed the account growth.  It was addicting to watch and see how it was growing split after split.  Once I graduated from school, working as customer support representative at Datek, I noticed the value dropped significantly.   From that point on, I decided to take control of my investments and then I took it one step further and decided to then make a career out of helping people diligently invest.  

Prior to joining WealthCare Advisory Partners, John worked with RMR for 11 years in Wealth Management.  He started his career at US Planning Group in 2003, where he focused his practice on insurance and wealth preservation solutions.

In his free time, John enjoys watching sports, traveling, playing golf, and volunteering his time with a number of charities in his community.  He currently lives in lower Westchester, NY, with his Fiancée Barbara and dog Mae.